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Month: June 2021

Deconstruction, selection, sequencing and stakes

I was listening to The Tim Ferriss Show and he was talking about the framework he uses to learn.

He calls it DSSS.  Deconstruction.  Selection.  Sequencing.  And stakes.

Tim didn’t learn to swim until he was in his 30s.  There was shame and embarrassment associated with it for him and none of the regular methods had worked.  Then he found a system called total immersion that talked about deconstructing swimming into parts.  Just the breathing.  And then just the kicking.  And then just the arm movements.  Within a few weeks he was swimming. Continue reading


Hope.  It is such a little word with such big consequences.  It allows us to see tomorrow as another day, another chance, another chapter, another path.

We hope that things will work out, that things will get better, that things will go back to normal.  Whatever normal ever was. Continue reading

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