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Month: October 2022

Never doubted

My friend Sarah Kirby, who recently won the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education, shared something last week. She said she once attended a training session with a professional speaker. He told a story about a dad who gave his young son’s skates to another child when his son grew out of them. The son told his dad that he would have to get the skates back because he was going to be a record breaker and his skates would be needed for the Hall of Fame. His dad apologized to the other child, gave him some money to buy skates and took his son’s skates back. His son went on to become a world-famous speed skater and his skates are now on display. The dad never doubted his son. Even when he was just starting out.

That made me smile. When my 19-year-old son came to me two months ago and said he was going to run for mayor, my first question was, “Okay, what happens next?” Continue reading

The Art of Living

A friend of a friend recently went to the bookstore at Harvard. She asked the person at the cash what book had the highest sales in the store. The employee said, “The Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness and Effectiveness by Epictetus – A New Interpretation by Sharon Lebell.”

So I had to pick it up of course. Continue reading

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