This may sound crazy, but I feel like I’ll be watching a family wedding this weekend.

I was 9 years old when I watched Diana get married.  And I was 25 years old when I watched her funeral.

I will never forget seeing her two boys walking behind her casket.  Especially Harry.  Only 12 years old.

I remember wondering how those boys could truly grieve with the whole world watching.

Harry struggled growing up.  Trying to find his way.  Not thrilled with the life that had been decided for him.  Looking for something.

And then he found it in Meghan.  An older, divorced, American, biracial, career woman.  Who Diana would have adored.

Harry didn’t just have to find someone to fall in love with.  He had to find someone who would embrace the royal journey.  The protocol.  The rules.  The fish bowl life.

And he did.

Harry has championed injured soldiers through the Invictus Games.  And Meghan has used her voice to speak up for women and girls from the tender age of 11.  Together they will do great things.

Think what you will of the royal family.  But in the end, most people love a story where the prince and princess ride off into the sunset together.  I’m very happy for them.  And I know that Diana will be smiling down on them tomorrow.