Nine years ago today, at 6:05am, I became a mother for the last time.  A little sister to her two older brothers, she was a beautiful, pink, squealing delight.

I didn’t know it at the time, but she would change everything. The family dynamic, the energy and the love.

Becoming a mom transforms you forever.  Your heart walks around outside your body.  You cry when they have no one to play with in the school yard.  And you burst with joy when they share their gifts with the world.

My mom is the single most transformative figure in my life.  Her eyes always light up when I walk into the room.  She loves me unconditionally.  She supports every decision I make.  And she reminds me that I have something unique to offer the world and I can never give up.

I hope I can be half the mother my mother is to me.

Robert Browning once said, “Motherhood:  All love begins and ends there.”

As my children grow and face new challenges and opportunities, I hope they know how much I love them.  How I’ll never forget the gift they gave to me when they chose me to be their mom.  And how I’ll be thankful for the rest of my life.