I visited a local burrito restaurant recently that had rave reviews and I wasn’t disappointed.  As I waited for my order with a line up of people, I was in awe of the symphony of movement by the team of ten behind the counter.  The space wasn’t big but they each had a role and they performed it to perfection.  From the cashier to the cooks to those adding the toppings to the gentleman at the end of the line who toasted, rolled and called your number.  I told them they were an epic tribe.

We all yearn to find our tribe.  It could be colleagues, fellow students, fitness group members, school moms, book club participants, band mates or golf buddies.  People who get us, have our back, make us laugh, validate us, challenge us, protect us and push us to grow.

We will all meet people who don’t get us.  They are not our tribe and we shouldn’t waste energy trying to get them to understand us.

Actor Amy Poehler said, “Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them,  and it will change your life.”

Have you found your tribe?  If not, what can you do today to surround yourself with people who will ignite your spirit and fan your flames?