One of the most important things we can do as human beings is be a witness for those around us.  Witness and validate happiness, grief, joy, worry, success and failure.  For our family, friends and strangers.  

Then we can hold that space for them while they celebrate, heal, own and embrace what they are living.

Religious leader Margaret D. Nadauld said, “Standing as a witness in all things means being kind in all things, being the first to say hello, being the first to smile, being the first to make the stranger feel a part of things, being helpful, thinking of others’ feelings, being inclusive.”

So many of us feel alone in our journey.  We think we are the only one going through a certain heartache or burden.  But when we hear a kind word or see a nod of understanding from someone else, it reminds us that others have walked the same path and come out on the other side.  We feel validated and strengthened in knowing we are part of a tribe.  A tribe of humanity.

Don’t worry about knowing what to say.  Just be you.  Be there.  Exude positive energy and support.  And accept it from others.

What will you witness today?