When people think of Bill Gates, they often focus on the fact that he started Microsoft and is one of the wealthiest people in the world.  And those things are true.

But he was also a kid with a passion for technology before the dawn of computers as we know them today.  When he was a student at Harvard, he heard about the launch of the first personal computer called the MITS Altair.  From his university room, he called the president of that company and said he had written the programming language for that computer and asked if the president would like to see it.  The president said yes and booked a meeting.

But Bill and his buddy Paul Allen didn’t have the language written or the Altair computer to test it on.

So they spent the next two months in the school computer lab creating the programming.  They finished it on the flight to see the Altair president.  But they had never tried it on an Altair computer.

They tried it out in the Altair boardroom, in front of all the decision-makers, and it worked.  They sold their first product and they started Microsoft.

This story reminds me that we have to jump in and swim.  Start without knowing all the answers or all the questions or what the final destination will be.

If you have a passion for something, the timing will never be perfect.  If Bill Gates had waited, someone else would have created what he created.  And history would be different.

Have more confidence than you deserve.  Say it can be done and then make it happen.  Be like Bill Gates and make your mark on the world.  We are all waiting to see how you will change the game.