Angela Duckworth mentions in her book Grit that the word competition comes from a Latin word meaning striving together.  The definition does not include anything about winners or losers.  It’s about growing forward with others.  Competing to best oneself.

What a great perspective.  Learning how to win and lose with grace and embracing the knowledge that will bring you to the next level.

As two of my kids prepare to compete at the World Irish Dance Championships in less than two weeks, I hope they remember that premise.

Years from now, the medals will be buried in a drawer and the shoes will be hung up, but the memories of what was accomplished will be something they can carry with them forever.  The idea of setting goals, persevering towards them even when you are tired, sore and deflated, and never giving up.  These are the things that fuel growth and remind us that anything is possible if we give our best.  And if we believe in ourselves beyond reason.

We win or we learn.  Both things belong on a resume.