When the Jacksonville Jaguars met the New England Patriots yesterday to vie for a spot at the Super Bowl, many pundits said it would be a David versus Goliath scenario.  The Patriots, along with their quarterback Tom Brady, have been at the Super Bowl seven times before this season.  What chance did the Jaguars have?

But the Jaguars went into the game believing in any given Sunday.  They knew that anything could happen.  And suddenly they had an eleven point lead over one of the greatest teams ever.

It didn’t go their way in the end and the Jaguars lost.  But for a moment, they had it in their grasp.  They were a contender for their first Super Bowl.

How many times have we gone into a situation and thought we didn’t belong?  Only to find that not only did we belong but we thrived?

New situations are hard and often rock our world.  We second-guess ourselves and judge every move we make.  We think we don’t have what it takes.

The Jaguars may have lost this year, but they almost won.  They didn’t listen to those who said they would be crushed.  They went for it and left it all on the turf.

What chances can we take today that might lead to that life-changing win?  It’s so much better to regret a loss than to regret not playing in the game at all.