Forty-seven years ago, on October 1, 1971, Disney World opened in Orlando.

Walt Disney was turned down over 300 times for financing when he was trying to build Walt Disney World.  But he was used to rejection.

He was fired from a newspaper job for not being creative enough.  His team’s animated character Oswald the Rabbit was taken by Universal through a partner and Disney thought the company would not survive that loss.  But on the train ride home from this misfortune, he imagined the character of Mickey Mouse and that changed everything.

Although he went bankrupt on his journey and was often unsure of the future, Disney won or received 26 Academy Awards.

Disney dreamed of a place where children and their families could make memories.  The most magical place on earth.  People told him he was crazy.  But he forged ahead and made his dream come true.

How many times can we get up when we fall?  How many times can we step over failure and try again?  Everyone who succeeds is sure to fail.

Are we ready to fail our way to making our own dreams come true?  Our personal magic kingdom awaits.