I recently read an article that mentioned Brené Brown’s take on belonging versus fitting in.  She explained that when you belong, you let your authentic self expand.  You accept yourself, flaws and all, and your tribe has your back.  When you fit in, you change who you are to suit the room.  You contract your quirks, your light and your greatness to ensure you don’t shine too bright.  Because you can’t stand out if you want to fit in.

Do we belong or do we fit in?

We often compare ourselves and our lives to those around us.  We question who has it right.  We forget that the only journey we can travel is our own.  As U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

In order to find our way we have to find ourselves.  And then we have to share our gift.  Our power lies in our unique DNA.  Not one other person can do it just like us and that’s what makes us special.  That is our unique selling proposition to the world.

Each day we will have choices to make and we will have to decide.  Do we want to belong or to fit in?

If we belong, we embrace imperfection.  If we embrace imperfection then we embrace ourselves.  And if we embrace ourselves we are free.