Author and meditation teacher Dr. Jack Kornfield was a guest on The Tim Ferriss Show. He said many of us talk to ourselves in a way we would never talk to others. We are judgemental, we think we are not good enough, we tear ourselves down. It’s hard to get away from that negative self-talk so he mentioned a loving kindness meditation.

He said picture someone you feel positive about and take a few moments to send them loving kindness. Wish them health, happiness, success, and everything good. Release those wonderful thoughts from your mind and send them in that person’s direction.

After a while, picture that person sending those vibes to you. Like passing a tennis ball back over the net. Receive those wonderful feelings. Embrace them.

Now start saying all those lovely things you said about them to yourself. Give yourself the loving kindness you deserve.

Dr. Kornfield says, “If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”

We must love ourselves first. Just as we are.

As Dr. Kornfield says, “The entire teaching of Buddhism can be summed up in this way: Nothing is worth holding on to.”

So release anything you are harbouring. Let it go. It’s too heavy to carry. Then love yourself with all your heart.