When I was growing up, my mom would give my brother and me a few little gifts to unwrap on January 6th which she called Small Christmas.  We had a special dinner and some treats and we never took the tree down until after that day.

Some call it Three Kings’ Day because they say it is the day the three wise men finally met baby Jesus and brought him gifts to welcome him to the world.  It took them until January 6th to follow that star and find what they were looking for.

It is also known as the Feast of the Epiphany.  I love the word epiphany as it means a revelation. When something new is revealed to us.

It could be an idea, a relationship, or a journey.  It could be something that has always been right in front of us but we now look at it with new eyes.

Have you had any epiphanies as you start 2017?  Have you looked at your life and seen the same old thing in a different light?  Maybe you realized that you could fit an extra hour into your day to do something you love.  Or you might have connected with an old friend who has similar interests.  You may have found a great walking path so near your house that you can’t believe you never noticed it before.  Or you could have stumbled upon the perfect recipe that is an easy meal your entire family loves.

As Margot Fonteyn once said, “Minor things can become moments of great revelation when encountered for the first time.”

The three wise men might have just been going on a regular desert trek that became a once-in-a-lifetime journey to meet a great leader.  You just don’t know what might be revealed to you today and how something that seems ordinary could make your life extraordinary.  Be open to epiphanies today and every day.