Sometimes life feels like the rug has been ripped out from under us.  Everything we know to be true comes under question.  We wonder about our safety, our health, our loved ones.

In times of crisis we are tested.  The layers fall away and we become more of ourselves.

And who are we?

Do we follow the rules the government imposes?  Do we ask an elderly neighbour if they need anything?  Do we buy a gift card from a local business to help keep them afloat?  Do we hoard all the things?  Do we consider the front-line teams who will be working around the clock if we don’t come together to slow the flow of the virus?

In times of upheaval we can panic or we can assess the situation with calm minds and act in the best interest of our community, our most vulnerable, our world.

As author Glennon Doyle Melton once said, “What ‘crisis’ means literally is ‘to sift’ – like a child who goes to the beach, lifts up the sand, and watches all the sand fall away, hoping that there’s treasure left over. That’s what crisis does.”

Let’s sift through the crisis and find the treasure.  The spending time with family.  The feeling of doing the right thing.  The helping those who need it.  Because that is who we are.