On February 1, 1587 Queen Elizabeth I signed a death warrant for her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots.  Rumour had it that Mary had a plan in the works to have Elizabeth killed.  So treason was the reason for the charge.

There have been some pretty scary leadership stories on the books since the human race got into politics back in the day. 

Thankfully things have gotten less violent and dictatorial over the years in most parts of the world.  Although I’m sure some of the stealth governing going on would still surprise many of us.

However, we are lucky to be born at a time when more often than not democracy rules.  Where people have the right to vote and voice their opinions.  And if they don’t agree with how things are going, they can let their representatives know.  They can speak their mind.

American President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Perhaps once in a generation there comes a chance for the people of a country to play their part willingly and fearlessly in some great battle of the age-long warfare for human rights.”

Whether or not we believe that time has come, the time is always right to speak up for those without a voice.  The downtrodden, the sick, the scared, the hungry, the destitute and the poor.  May we be fearless in our quest to do the right thing today and every day.