I wasn’t in a good mood when I arrived at the car dealership.  My 2015 van had another issue and the decision had been made to replace it.  I sat in the financier’s office and she started taking down information for the car loan.  She said her son was born around the same time as I was, but he was in heaven.  I asked what happened.  She said he was driving to work at age 16 with two other teens and was killed in a car accident.  She said he was a lovely boy who wrote poems and played soccer in Europe and stopped bullies.  

A life cut short.  So devastating.  But she had such a beautiful energy full of acceptance and positivity and grace.  I realized that getting a new car before you were ready was a very minor life issue.

So many times we look at daily occurences as the end of the world.  We made a mistake or we didn’t get the promotion or we weren’t invited or we were hit with an unexpected expense.

But what really matters is showing love and being present and having hope and helping inspire.

How will we face the day?  How will we express ourselves to others?  Will we be able to look at the long term goals or will we get caught up in the short term frustrations?  Each moment in our life is another chance to get it right.

As motivational speaker Michael Altshuler said, “The bad news is time flies.  The good news is you’re the pilot.”  What flight path will you choose today?  You’re in charge of the destination so pick a good one and enjoy the journey along the way.