Sometimes when it comes to major sporting events, fans can get a little out of hand.  But I must say I am proud of my Irish roots when I see how the Irish soccer fans are behaving in France during the Euro Cup. There are video clips showing them singing lullabies to a baby on a train, picking up garbage in a park, serenading a nun with a musical rendition of the Our Father prayer and cheering up a storm alongside fans from countries throughout Europe.

It’s a great example of people celebrating life which made Ireland’s advance into the knockout rounds this week all the more memorable.

Big sporting events like this one bring people of all ages together as they support their country of origin or their family history.

And there are so many parallels between sports and the game of life.  Keep your eye on the goal.  Play hard.  Be respectful to your teammates and to your competitors.  Stay humble when you win and graceful when you lose.

And as Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

So cheer for the players, never forget to take chances and always get up when you fall.