Do you remember the Swatch Watch?  I had one.  Pink and blue and yellow and green.  It was a fun way to express myself as a teenager.

Before Swatch came about, watches were all about telling time.  Taglines talked about precision and brands you could count on.  Then someone decided that your watch could be an accessory to your look, your outfit, the story you were trying to tell.  

At the time digital watches were on the rise and European-made mechanical watch sales were suffering.  They needed to try and win people over with a new idea.  And the Swatch was born.

If someone had told watch makers years earlier that a plastic rainbow-coloured watch was the next big thing, they would never have believed it.

How many times have we said the same thing to ourselves about an idea in our head?  That it would never happen?  That you would fail if you tried?

But what if you soared?

Time passes no matter what.  Each and every one of us has the same 24 hours in a day.  Whether our watch is brown or pink or we wear no watch at all.

What is your big idea to change the world?  Don’t let another second tick by before you write down three actionable steps you can take and just do it.

It’s your time.