Are you living life on the offence or the defence?  Are you reacting to situations or are you creating opportunities?  Do you start your day by answering other people’s questions, requests and emails or do you begin on your own terms, carving out the 24 hours that you want to live?

It’s so easy to be reactive because we are constantly inundated with information.  But how can we be proactive about what we want to accomplish?  How can we say no without apologizing if it doesn’t fit our path?

Many of us are people pleasers.  But the one person at the bottom of our list is often ourselves.

If you’re looking for a new job instead of applying to listed positions, what about researching a company you would be thrilled to work for and sending an email to a decision-maker there about how you could create solutions for them?  If you find it challenging to make healthy food choices during a busy week, what about prepping food on a Sunday for upcoming meals?  If you never have time to do what you want, what about setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual and spending that time on your own needs whether it is meditating, exercising, reading or journaling daily goals?

Author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss said, “I think that whenever you feel reactive or are being reactive as opposed to proactive, that inherently – consciously or subconsciously – creates a lot of stress.”

So let’s decrease stress, be proactive and live life on the offence.  It’s the best way to reach the goal line.