It’s my birthday week.  And what a year it’s been.  A year we never saw coming and one we will never forget.  I decided to write a little poem to share my birthday wish.  May this be the beginning of a year full of hope, health, happiness and harmony.

My wish for my children is to be ethical and bold

And not always do that thing that they’re told.

By society and friends and the story in their head

Let them live by their hearts and by passions be led.

May they ask all the questions with wonder and hope

Then innovate solutions to help the world cope.

May they notice the moment, the stranger in need

Those all around them whose souls they can feed.

May they learn for a lifetime and grow like a weed

And know that an oak tree started out as a seed.

All I want from this journey, is a mindset that sings

And for my kids to embrace life with roots and with wings.

Mistakes are most certain but the choice is with them

To rise when they fall and to try once again.

As my birthday approaches and I add on a year

Joining 2021 without doubt, angst or fear

I’m ready to learn, to discover and grow

Without an idea of the places I’ll go.

May we live in the moment knowing we are enough

When the mountain is high and the going is tough

Because the peak is a glory, the sun’s over the cloud

Where the pain becomes quiet and the peace yells out loud.

Let’s embrace every second of the trip that we’re on

Because before we know it, the minutes are gone

So let’s love what life gives us, the good and the bad

Because the ride that we’re on is the best to be had.