Martha Beck, sociologist and life coach, said, “Relinquishing the delusional hope that we can or must be flawless — allows us to seek happiness in the only place it can be found:  our real, messy, imperfect experience.”

We will make mistakes.  We will say things we regret.  We will miss opportunities.  We will fall and we will fail.

But that is our real, authentic, life.  We must embrace it and feel gratitude because that’s where happiness lives.

Our perfect imperfections are what make us who we are.  We are the only one with the exact road map of experience we need to become who we were meant to be.  Not one other person in the world has what we have.  Not one.

And all the people we look at who seem to have perfect lives, have the same hot mess of a life that we do.

So reject flawlessness and grab on to the messy life which is the only thing we need to grow.

Happiness awaits.