I heard a quote last week that really made me think. The saying was, “People treat you how they feel.” The wounded wound is what I always told my kids when there was drama in elementary school or high school. Everyone has a story.

If someone is happy, they will most likely move through the world with joy. If they are hurt or devastated or angry or helpless, that will probably come out in their everyday reactions too.

So before we decide that it’s personal when someone says something cruel, it’s important to remember that it might have nothing to do with us at all.

Someone also told me years ago that there are two groups of people. Those who feel the world is with them, and those who feel the world is against them.

I’ve always felt the world is with me. There are those who don’t see me as their cup of tea, but that’s fine. We’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but if we are authentic and kind, we’ll find those who like us just the way we are.

And the only opinion that matters in the end is what we think of ourselves.