Problems.  Everyone has them.  But if we see them as gifts it changes everything.

Obstacles cause us to grow, think critically, change our mind, become who we were meant to be.

I saw a Tony Robbins documentary last night and he said that although he had a hard childhood, he would not be the man he is proud to be today without that experience.  His problems made him who he is.  And it has allowed him to help millions.

We might not be helping millions, but if we accept the hard times we can travel our journey in peace.  Because nothing is guaranteed.

As author Annie Dillard said, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

Do we spend our days grateful or angry?  Do we see the pile of dishes in the sink as work or as a reminder that we have people around us to love?  Do we see the bills as toxic or as our ticket to live a life that makes a difference?  Do we see our busy schedule as a burden or a sign that people depend on us?  If a door closes do we pity ourselves or do we understand that it wasn’t our door to begin with and find another door to knock on?

Motivational life coach Tony Robbins said, “Problems are the gifts that make us dig out and figure out who we are, what we’re made for, and what we’re responsible to give back to life.”

Tony also said, “Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.”

The solutions are up to you.  They are the answer that will help you grow and bring you peace.  And the only way to get there is to face a problem head on.

What problem will you grow from today?