There is a little town in Illinois called Santa Claus. Years ago, the town was called Santa Fe. But when the town tried to register a post office, the name Santa Fe was taken. So they called themselves Santa Claus.

They receive thousands of letters to Santa from all over the world each year. One of them included a key and the young letter-writer explained that they didn’t have a chimney so Santa would need to come in the front door on Christmas Eve.

This story made me smile and reminded me that there is magic everywhere.

As Aubrey Markus, founder and CEO of a holistic health company called Onnit, said on The Tim Ferriss Show when speaking about the world around us, “Welcome to heaven. Population: everyone.”

Meaning that although there are hard things that happen, if we look around us, and are grateful for what we have, we can consider our surroundings as quite heavenly. If we are healthy, have people to love and who love us, have food for dinner and dishes to eat it on, have a daily purpose and dreams to consider, it’s our own personal heaven.

And don’t forget the magic. Of that key in the envelope or the hopes scratched into those thousands of letters that make their way to a tiny town called Santa Claus each and every year. Anything is possible if you believe.