I have so many questions floating around in my mind this week. I was listening to the Freakonomics podcast, and they mentioned how post-secondary schooling used to be tightly tied to industry. Organizations may even have been involved in the training and then they did their hiring right from the school. But those ties seemed to have been lost in many instances so young people have a harder time getting a job in their field after graduating. How can we solve that problem?

They were also talking about the difference between politicians who are very electable and those who are great at governing. Sometimes mutually exclusive categories. How can we support strong leaders to take a chance and run to represent us?

Now that the pandemic is seemingly slowing down, how do we bring some magic back into our lives? The excitement of plans. Where we don’t know what day it is because we are in a new place or trying a new food or discovering new things about ourselves. Bucking routine and living in the moment.

I also wonder about the difference between getting into a rut where we read emails to get through our responsibilities versus reading things that stretch our imagination, inspire us to reach for the stars or help us see the other side of an idea. Are we specializing in a role or are we specializing in being human?

The more I know, the less I know. More questions than answers is what keeps me walking my way through life.