Sometimes things happen.  Two weeks ago when my oldest son turned 15, he used savings along with some credits we had and some birthday money to buy a new iPhone.  As a budding photographer and cinematographer, he uses it to take pictures and make movies.  The third day he brought it to school it was stolen.  My son was devastated.  Because he planned to use it to make a movie while he is in Scotland and Ireland competing at the Irish Dance World Championships this week.

There was video tape of some students asking to be let into the locked gym changeroom by a passing teacher and the phone company was able to say the exact minute when the phone was turned off.  Between the police and an outstanding administration team, and against all odds, the phone was returned the next day.  Without a SIM card and wiped clean, but he had it back.  It was like winning the lottery.

As crestfallen as I was for my son as he was going through that lesson, my heart also breaks for the boy who stole the phone as his life must be broken if that is a choice he would make.  And watching the school leaders take on the task of finding the phone and getting a quick resolution reminded me that there are always people who will fight for what’s right and go out of their way to help others.

I hope the situation is a turning point for the boy who took the phone and that he finds the support he needs to choose a positive path.

I and look forward to the memories that phone will capture as we continue on our journey.  There’s nothing like a happy ending.