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Leonardo da Vinci, painter of the Mona Lisa and discoverer in the fields of hydrodynamics, anatomy, engineering and astronomy among others, said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Less is more. Continue reading

You are not everyone’s cup of tea

Do you like every paint colour on a wall?  Or every meal choice on a menu?  Do you like your coffee made any which way?  Or how any make of jeans fits your body? Continue reading

Being yourself

I watched a TED Talk the other day by motivational speaker Caroline McHugh called The Art of Being Yourself.

Caroline said, “When you figure out how to be yourself it’s an incredibly liberating, untragic way to go through life. You don’t develop an identity that’s predicated on being a patchwork personality. You’re not a composite, an amalgam, of all your experiences and influences. You’re not just somebody’s boss, or somebody’s mom, or anybody’s anything. You’re yourself.” Continue reading

Goblins and princesses

Last night the streets were covered with goblins and princesses, skeletons and superheroes.

My 14-year-old son even went out and came back saying, “Wow.  I feel like a kid again.”

The idea that for one night, young people can collect and eat all the candy they want is beyond exciting.  Ask and you shall receive.  A dream come true.   Continue reading

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