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People lived where they were born

In Stumbling on Happiness Daniel Gilbert writes, “For most of recorded history, people lived where they were born, did what their parents had done, and associated with those who were doing the same.  Millers milled, Smiths smithed, and little Smiths and little Millers married whom and when they were told.  Social structures (such as religions and castes) and physical structures (such as mountains and oceans) were the great dictators that determined how, where, and with whom people would spend their lives, which left most folks with little to decide for themselves.  But the agricultural, industrial, and technological revolutions changed all that, and the resulting explosion of personal liberty has created a bewildering array of options, alternatives, choices, and decisions that our ancestors never faced.  For the very first time, our happiness is in our hands.” Continue reading

Sometimes things happen

Sometimes things happen.  Two weeks ago when my oldest son turned 15, he used savings along with some credits we had and some birthday money to buy a new iPhone.  As a budding photographer and cinematographer, he uses it to take pictures and make movies.  The third day he brought it to school it was stolen.  My son was devastated.  Because he planned to use it to make a movie while he is in Scotland and Ireland competing at the Irish Dance World Championships this week. Continue reading

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