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I decided

One year ago today I decided to stop drinking alcohol.  I was a white wine drinker and it had become almost a daily habit.  If I met someone for a meal I had a glass.  If I got home late after an event I had a glass.  If I went away for the weekend I had a few glasses.  So many hidden, liquid calories.

So I just decided to stop.  Cold turkey.  For the first six months it didn’t make much difference.  Then last January I decided to try Tim Ferriss’ slow carb lifestyle.  And I lost 23 pounds.  Continue reading

It’s the decision

In Jen Sincero’s book You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living, she talks about making the decision.  It could be that you want to get in shape or write a book.  It could be that you want to turn your love for making crafts into a business that earns money.  It could be that you want to go back to school and train for another career.  The thing is, unless you decide that this is the only path to take, you won’t have the gumption to make it happen.  If you believe it has to be done, that is the drive that will get you to the gym at the crack of dawn if that’s the only time you can go.  Or will make you stare at a blank page every single day and put some words on it.  Or will make you walk into the bank and ask for the loan.  Or will make you take the courses at night so that your day job can still pay the bills. Continue reading

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