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The person I was

When I think back to December 31, 2019, I don’t recognize the person I was.

I had just signed a contract to get back into the corporate world, after spending 17 years freelancing and being CEO to my three kidlets.

I took for granted travelling when I wanted. The freedom to visit friends. And even the ability to see people’s faces.

Have a hundred years passed since then? Continue reading

The cost of learning the lessons he needed to learn

Entrepreneur Tim Ferriss toyed with getting an MBA after his undergrad.  But instead, he took the $100,000 he would have paid in tuition and invested it in start-ups.  He knew that he’d most likely lose it all.  But he looked at it as the cost of learning the lessons he needed to learn.  Just like you don’t get your tuition back after earning a degree.  He lost money but he also learned a massive amount.  Invaluable experience. Continue reading

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