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Watched the American election unfold

People from around the world held their breath this week as we watched the American election unfold.  In the end, 75 million votes were cast for Joe Biden and 71 million for current president Donald Trump.  Biden won the electoral college and was named the president-elect.  Along with his running mate, Kamala Harris, as vice president-elect.  Biden received more votes than any presidential candidate in the history of the country. Continue reading

Mayor Pete

The other day I read about a man named Pete Buttigieg, or Mayor Pete, who is running for president of the United States in 2020. He fought in Afghanistan. He ran for mayor of South Bend, Indiana and won at age 29. He is a Harvard graduate and a Rhodes Scholar. He is openly gay and married to the love of his life. He knows seven languages.

What a resume for a world leader. Then I read a story about him that really impressed me. An emergency room doctor tweeted that he had a patient who was near death and only spoke Arabic. A man in a suit showed up to translate between the doctor and the patient’s mother. Later the doctor asked how long he had been a hospital translator and the man quietly replied, “I don’t work at the hospital. I’m Mayor Pete.” He had heard the request for a translator on the police radio and rushed to the hospital.

What would the world be like with that kind of humanity at the helm? What do we do in our everyday lives that could emulate what Mayor Pete did in that hospital that night?

Helping strangers, going out of our way, doing the right thing, remaining humble. Those qualities change the world one small act of kindness at a time.

I don’t know who will win the next American election. But I hope it is someone who can unite people from all walks of life, no matter their political beliefs. Someone who reminds us that we are stronger together and we are more alike than different.

How can we make a difference today in our family, our neighbourhood, our workplace or our life? The little things are the big things.

A new mayor

Oshawa is a city outside of Toronto with a population of 160,000 people.  In the recent election, a new mayor was chosen in Oshawa with 70% of the vote.  His name is Dan Carter.  And he spent many years homeless due to addiction that stemmed from tragedies in his youth.  He was assaulted as a paper boy at the age of eight and his older brother died in a motorcycle accident when Dan was only 13 years old. Continue reading

Voting day

Today is municipal voting day in my neighbourhood where we will vote for our mayor, ward councillor and school board trustees.  I’m thankful for the people who put their names forward to represent me and I’m grateful that I live in a country where I know I can vote how I want and feel safe while doing so. Continue reading

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