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Twenty-one years ago this week I became a mom

Twenty-one years ago this week I became a mom. Nothing prepares you for the adventure. It is the hardest and most beautiful job I have ever done.

A few lessons I learned along the way are that the days are long, but the years are short. You have sixteen summers to build a memory bank that earns the most valuable, lifelong dividends. Choose your battles. Each child has a unique journey intertwined with interests and fears and gifts. They arrive that way and it is an honour to travel alongside them as they become what they always were. One of a kind. Continue reading

I became a mother

Fourteen years ago today I became a mother.  When I think of my life, it is split into two acts.  Before and after I had children.

Of course things like labour and feeding and sleepless nights and scattered thinking are hard when the baby first arrives.  But as they grow it’s the questioning yourself.  Did I make the right choice as a parent?  Are they ready for the world?  Will their heart and goodness be safe on the journey? Will they find their tribe and their passion and their joy? Continue reading

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