I was speaking at an event yesterday to moms of young children about embracing failure, knowing you are enough, and taking action.  We started talking about finding yourself again when your life is changed so much by becoming a mother. 

I told the ladies that with almost every job I’ve ever had, I didn’t enter the system through the proper channels.  I didn’t see a posting and send a resume to Human Resources.  I just threw out a fishing line to see what might come back.

I sent a resume to a mayor and ended up with a job in the city’s communications department.  I sent a card with an orange envelope to the co-founder of a toy chain and got hired as the company’s marketing manager.  I knocked on the front door of an ad agency and asked for the president, giving him my card, and ended up getting months of freelance work out of that interaction.

When I was 14 years old, I volunteered teaching swimming lessons.  I had my Bronze Cross and I kept track of all my hours.  One day, the pool manager came out on deck and asked me if I wanted a paid job.  That was my first gig.

So I told the moms yesterday to think about the problems they solve and offer that skill to a decision-maker in the community.  Tell people what they are good at and what they can help with.  Word of mouth is powerful.  And action is everything.  It is the difference between success and failure.  It levels the playing field because no matter what you have or who you know you can do something.  Send an email.  Knock on a door.

Whether you’re a mom getting back in the groove with young kids, a graduate just starting your career, or a seasoned professional wondering if you might want to switch tracks, start small but start today.

Here’s to remembering that no one is you and that is your power.  You are just as valuable as everyone else at the table.  And don’t you ever forget it.