The 80/20 rule keeps popping up in the books I’m reading lately.  The fact that 20 per cent of your effort can give you 80 per cent of your results.  If you choose the most efficient activities.

Out of all the books you might read, pick the ones that come highly recommended for what you want to learn.  Make a few good daily food choices and feel the strength and health build up within you.  Decide on a handful of exercises that you’ll complete each day rather than saying if you can’t do two hours at the gym you’ll do nothing at all.  Talk and spend time with people who fill you up.  People who make you feel joyful and invincible.  Not the ones who drag you down.

When it comes to your daily work activities, what specific things can you do that will push you further towards your goal?  Answering 100 emails?  Or sending a few select people a pitch?  Choose wisely.

We are all so busy.  But are we busy doing the right things?  If we shaved down our day and concentrated on the 20 per cent that makes a difference, how might that change our life?  If we prioritized eating healthy food, moving our body, growing the software in our brain with self-learning and spending time with positive people, how might that affect our journey?  Less is more.