Someone mentioned the art of allowing to me yesterday and it got me thinking.   For many of us, we are not comfortable allowing things to happen as they may.  It seems like we are not in control or not working to make things as they should be. If we aren’t satisfied with something at work or on a child’s sports team or in a friendship, we keep gnawing away at it and tying ourselves in knots. Why didn’t it work out this way?  Why didn’t they do this or that?  

The art of allowing lets us accept things as they are and wait for the blessing in disguise.  Sometimes it takes months or years to see how allowing that situation to play out as it did was the best thing we could have done.

It also means allowing what is meant for us to enter our life.  Abundance, love and health are heading our way if we open ourselves up and accept those gifts.

And we need to allow others to do what they will do.  If they make a decision that is not something we would have done, we have to allow them to do it. It’s their journey and we can’t control it.

As Irish writer Colum McCann said, “I’m much more interested in allowing a story to happen, and people find whatever meaning is in there.”

Allow yourself to be you, allow the circumstances to flow and allow others to take the path they choose. Then allow yourself to sit and grow in the peace you find in that mindset.