I watched marketing guru Seth Godin speaking this week about something I hadn’t heard before. He spoke of Josiah Wedgewood, an English potter and abolitionist from the 1700s. Wedgewood made a quality product and told the right tale to have his dishes and bowls selling across Europe and beyond. In fact, many people have Wedgewood plates in their homes today, hundreds of years later. He was the father of marketing as he came up with the concepts of free delivery, money back guarantee and mail order.

And guess who Josiah Wedgewood’s grandson was?

It was Charles Darwin.

He changed the way we think about science and species and evolution.

In two very distinct ways, this grandfather and grandson affected change. Made a difference. Thought creatively and did things that nobody had done before.

How can we step onto a new path, take a fresh perspective, and ask why we do things the way we do until we find out that maybe there is another way?

It’s not about mugs or amoebas. It’s about solutions that come from connecting the dots in a way that only we can.

Are we ready for a fresh plate or an evolution? What better time to start than today?