The game of life is won and lost in the mind.  If someone tells you not to bother as you are not cut out for it, do you listen?  Does it affect how you see yourself?

What other people think of you is none of your business but it’s hard to live by that mantra.

Do you believe in yourself beyond reason?  Do you ask for forgiveness rather than permission?  

If we set a massive goal, we can’t truly fail because even if we don’t reach it fully it can still move the needle forward.  It can still change our path and our life.

We become what we believe.

Tim Ferriss was interviewing Arnold Schwarzenegger on his podcast and he mentioned one of the first bodybuilding competitions Arnold won.  Tim said that he saw a picture of all the contestants and he knew by Arnold’s face that he would be the one to win.  He just looked so confident.  Arnold said he had decided that this was his ticket to a new life.  He didn’t go to compete.  He went to win.  His mind had been set and he walked onto the stage like he already had the trophy.

How much would our lives change if we started every day with that kind of confidence in ourselves?  Believing that we could achieve anything we set our minds to?

Only you can decide how far you can go.  Envision yourself at the top of the mountain and then start climbing.