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The healing room

Someone recently pointed out the lyrics to Sinéad O’Connor’s song The Healing Room to me.

“I have a universe inside me
Where I can go and spirit guides me
There I can ask oh any question
I get the answers if I listen.”

Do we listen to that voice inside?  Our gut?  That feeling we get when something doesn’t seem right or might possibly be the perfect thing for us?

Often we hesitate because of what the world has told us about ourselves or what people close to us say or the failures of others that resonate in our mind.

We’re scared to do the wrong thing.  But between yes and no, the only wrong answer is doing nothing at all.

Deep down we know what is right for us.  The universe often sends us signs if we take the time to notice.  Serendipitous meetings.  Opportunities that fall in our lap.  Six degrees of separation between us and someone who can help us on our journey.

Pay attention to that voice inside.  As Sinéad so eloquently sang, it will guide you if you listen.

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  1. Joan Ridsdel

    Very thoughtful! Listening to our inner voice and trusting our intuition is so important to our wellbeing and safety!

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