The most wonderful time of the year is here.  As we hustle and bustle to buy gifts, plan meals, decorate rooms and attend soirees, may we remember the things that really make it wonderful.  Our health, our loved ones, our hope for the future, our ability to help others and our choice to see beauty in the little things.

This December we are in the midst of moving homes, my car broke down twice in a live lane last week, one time five minutes after the dealer returned it to me fixed, and we always have a schedule filled with Irish dance and hockey.  But somewhere in the midst of the madness I’m reminded of life’s beauty.  Like when my parents picked me up from the event I was heading to when my car died, just like in high school.  And when after getting a rental car we went to a music concert where my 14-year-old son was conducting the Grade 9 band with no nerves at all.  And when my daughter told us how excited she was to be attending three parties this weekend.

Life really is so beautiful.  Even when it’s scary and sad and lonely and unpredictable.  As painter Camille Pissaro once said, “Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”

So as the snow falls and the gifts are wrapped, may we notice the little things that don’t sit under the tree but sit in our hearts if we let them.