When I think back to December 31, 2019, I don’t recognize the person I was.

I had just signed a contract to get back into the corporate world, after spending 17 years freelancing and being CEO to my three kidlets.

I took for granted travelling when I wanted. The freedom to visit friends. And even the ability to see people’s faces.

Have a hundred years passed since then?

During our struggle, we evolved. We figured out that many jobs can be done remotely. That we are more resilient than we ever dreamed. That solutions like vaccines can be created in record time if the conditions are right. And that life is what happens when you are making other plans.

Things will never be the same. But pandemics are not new. They were just new to us. The unknown will knock on our door again. However, maybe this time we can answer with hope.

Because we faced what we thought was impossible, and here we are.

What will we think when we look back on today? Where will we be? What might we have accomplished?

Tomorrow may be a new year, but it’s different than any new year before.

Because we are different. What will our new view help us see in 2022?