Brian Williams, a motivational speaker and the founder of Think Kindness, said in his Ted Talk that the definition of life is “the pursuit of amazing stories.  Stories of success, adversity, amazing events, happiness, failure, new beginnings.”

I myself love a good story.  It is what makes an inspirational speech.  It can move you to befriend someone, buy something, try out a new restaurant or store.  Pick up a book.  Start a new lifestyle.  Get a job.

The best part about our stories is that the next page is always blank.  Ready for the telling.  We can decide right now what we want to do with our passions, our mistakes, our needs, our gifts, our weaknesses, our skeletons, our hours and our minutes.

We are exchanging a day in our life for what we do today.  Is it a story we are proud to tell?

I am so thankful for the people in my life who encouraged me to turn the page and keep on writing.  The ending is always in our hands.  And our story is what makes us live forever.

What story do you want to tell next?  All you need to do is start with one word.