I realized the other day that there is always something.  Those thoughts we worry about.  It could be a pain in our body.  But we forget about that when there is an issue at work.  And then that gets an override from something our child is going through.  Next it could be our parents or spouse, a fallout with a friend, or an unplanned payment on a house or car.  In the end, all the worry we put into each issue just gets washed away without accomplishing anything.  The issue is often still there but we have moved on from it.  And the energy we invested was wasted.

When you start worrying, a good gauge is to ask yourself, “Will this matter in five years?”  Most things won’t.

And many times, the thoughts in our heads are about scenarios that never even take place.  We are playing out all the things that could go wrong and most of them never do.

As actor and comedian Dick Van Dyke once said, “Don’t worry so much. Most of the things you worry about never end up happening.”

Instead we can focus on growth and solutions and fueling our bodies and souls.  We can take action to help but not anguish over outcomes.

As author and motivational speaker Leo Buscaglia said, “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”

So let’s focus on the joy we can find today and remember that the sorrows of tomorrow may never arrive.