I have known about Tony Robbins for years.  I saw him jumping on stages, getting people to walk across hot coals, coaching leaders like Lady Diana, Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton and Oprah.

And this week I heard what he had to say in person.

He reminded us that our state of mind is everything.  Think about the people you meet. If they are negative or complaining how does that make you feel? It sucks the life out of you.  If they are positive and excited, they lift you up.

We have to elevate our own state of mind.  When we are pumped and inspired we will make the call, send the email, do the work, and get things done. When we are down on ourselves and listen to the voices that say we can never do it, that becomes our reality.

You have to master your mind.  Tony mentioned research that measured basketball players in three groups.  One group didn’t practice free throws.  One practiced hitting every free throw in their minds.  And the last group practiced physically throwing free throws.

When all three groups were tested at the free throw line, the group who did the best was the group that practiced in their minds.

Practiced in their minds.

Our minds are so powerful.  Electrodes on athletes who imagine winning the race fire the same way as they would if that athlete was actually winning the race.

What story is in your mind about who you are and what you can do?  What do the five people you spend the most time with tell you about yourself?

Your mind is everything.  Make sure you fill it with positive thoughts and energy.  And you will win the race you are meant to be running.