I’ve decided to take the Too Much Challenge.  What is something that is ‘too much’ in our life?  Too much stress?  Too much sugar?  Too much scheduling?  Too much alcohol?  Too much Netflix?  

Pick one thing and decrease it.  Maybe you only have sugar on Saturday.  Maybe you only watch two hours of Netflix a week.  Maybe you add meditation and saying no into your day to block out some stress.

If you conquer one ‘too much’ item, you can move on to another one.  Soon you will find energy, peace and time increasing and feelings of defeat decreasing.

Even if your ‘too much’ item seems positive on its own, cutting it down may be the right thing for you.

As Shakespeare wrote in As You Like It, “And can a person ever have too much of a good thing?”  I think you can.

Even if it is what you enjoy in the moment.

So if you are up for the challenge, take some too much out of your life.  And fill the space with things that quiet your mind, fuel your body and ignite your soul.