I heard something on the radio this morning that piqued my interest.  They were speaking about how these days many of us live inside an online community.  We feel connected with those in our virtual networks but not with those physically around us as we move through our day.

If we were sitting in a coffee shop and saw someone crying at the table beside us, would we be brave enough to offer a kind word?  Or would we continue to scroll through our phone thinking that it’s none of our business?

Do we hold doors open for others or are we too busy tearing around trying to keep a schedule?  Do we chat with the person checking us in to an appointment or checking us out at the grocery store?

Are we in the moment?  Maybe we should worry less about our followers and concentrate more on being a leader.  Leading with bravery and vulnerability is a challenge, but when a connection is made it is empowering for both parties.  It is something we need to consciously practice.   To not be a bystander if there is a situation, but to ask if anyone needs help.  To not look at things as a story to tell later but as a story to help write.

We all need to feel validated.  To feel that we are more alike than different.  To feel that we are not alone.

Doctor and researcher Dean Ornish said, “The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water, and food.”

Let’s focus on our intention to bond with others as we walk through our day. Those face to face connections will brighten our mood and fuel our soul.