Yesterday someone mentioned the Samuel Beckett play Waiting for Godot.  It peaked my interest as Beckett was a Nobel Prize-winning Irish author who I have known since buying an Irish Writers poster years ago on a trip to Ireland.

The play is about two men named Vladimir and Estragon standing by a tree waiting for someone named Godot who never arrives.  They did get messages from people who said Godot wasn’t coming, but they still stood there and waited. Nothing else really happens.

It symbolized life for me.  How we often end up waiting for something that never arrives, rather than taking action to make something we dream of come true.

As Samuel Beckett says in Waiting for Godot, “Habit is a great deadener.”  It is so much easier to do what we are used to rather than stepping outside our comfort zone.  But new habits can be created.  And if we decide what habits can help us reach our goals, it is a game-changer.

What is your Godot?  Are you waiting for something that you hope will arrive? Are you doing what you have always done or what you think you have to do?  Is there a way to change a habit that might change everything?

Samuel Beckett said, “Words are all we have.”  How can we use our words to meet new people, ask questions and write down a plan for what we truly want in life?  Let’s do anything but wait for Godot.