I thoroughly enjoyed watching Prince Harry marry Meghan Markle last weekend.  The simplicity of her dress, the choir singing Stand By Me, the award-winning teen cellist who was invited to perform at the ceremony, the heartfelt preacher, the fascinators, the palpable love, the handpicked flowers, the booming cheers from the crowds, the strong mothers who helped lead the bride and groom to that moment.  I laughed and cried and clapped like it was my own family wedding.

I must say I was shocked by the comments about Meghan’s look.  That it wasn’t bridal enough or ostentatious enough.  That it was too plain.

I was so impressed by her timeless, classic dress.  That she wore the natural makeup she always wears.  That she went with a simple bun for her hair because that is how she normally wears it.  That she was herself.

She was confident enough in who she is as a person that she faced the global stage as herself.  No masks.  No pretenses.  No dogma.  May we all find the strength to be who we truly are.  And may we all find someone who looks at us the way Harry looked at Meghan when she walked down that aisle.

Together the couple made the ceremony their own and blazed a new trail for the Royal family.  They will undoubtedly continue to make waves and make change.

After watching their glorious day I felt inspired.  To embrace myself and my journey and not be afraid to show the world who I am inside.  I wish Harry and Meghan many years of happiness together.