I saw a quote today from writer Anita Krizzan.  She said, “We are mosaics — pieces of light, love, history, stars — glued together with magic, and music and words.”  

It reminded me that we are where we are because of where we’ve been.  The things we’ve been through.  The people we’ve known.

All those tiny pieces of life… the failures, the promotions, the relationships, the break ups, the joy and the sadness.  They make us who we are.

And the attitude we have, the action we take, the things we say and do… this is the X factor that only we can provide.  The magic that will turn our hopes and plans into dreams come true.

Don’t spend time worrying about things that might have gone wrong or what you see as an opportunity lost.  Because it’s those cracks in the mosaic that give you grit and make you perfect for your own personal journey.  As singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen once said, “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

So embrace the beauty of your own mosaic.  Own the story behind those cracks and the magic only you can provide to your perfectly imperfect life.