There is something about the start of a school year that intensifies the idea of what is possible. Fresh chapters and blank pages. Crisp notebooks and new friendships.

This year my middle son headed out to start university away from home and it was overwhelming and beautiful. He’s been ready since birth to spread his wings, so the excitement outweighed any anxious thoughts.

As I moved him in and watched my oldest son work welcome week at his school and my youngest prepare her bag and books, I realized that the whole journey is about one thing.

Realizing you have enough. And that thought leads to having more than enough more often than not.

I just finished reading a fantastic novel called Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano. About family and choices and the massive value of finding someone who sees you. Sees your flaws and mistakes and weaknesses and realizes that the places where you are broken are the same places that make you irreplaceable.

She wrote, “…they’d chosen to go through the motions of living a life, which was very different from living.”

Are we living? Or are we just doing what we think we are supposed to do?

When we are starting out on our life’s journey, we often feel we don’t know the answers, we won’t be able to figure it out and we are imposters in our own story.

But if we realize the treasure we are looking for was always there, right in our own backyard, that is the moment when we have arrived.

We are enough. We have enough.

More than enough.