In a Coursera video about anxiety, professor Joordens from the University of Toronto was explaining the difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  I have heard those explanations before, but the way he talked about one point made me pause.  He was going over what happens when we sleep.

Our body breaks down food and feeds our cells.  It digests nutrients and separates waste.  It builds up our immune system so it’s ready for a fight if needed.  It’s when we strengthen and replenish.  When we prepare for what tomorrow brings.

Of course, we all go to sleep at night.  Some have an easier time of it than others.  But if we see sleep as that thing we can do to build ourselves up, rather than that thing we do when we have exhausted all other distractions, we may find more value in it.

If we need to meditate or tap in order to get to sleep.  If we need to read or turn off screens earlier than usual.  If we need to use an essential oil diffuser or play white noise in the background.  Whatever works for us, we should do it.

Because sleep will restore us.  It will sustain us.  And it will remind us that tomorrow is another day.

Rest easy.